787 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Ryan Park
Queen Street Particulate (Blonde Cop), 2012

19.10.12 – 28.11.12

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For Queen Street Particulate (Blonde Cop), Ryan Park has turned *QueenSpecific into an air-powered ball mixer reminiscent of lottery draw machines. The colour palette of the balls has been selected from the colours found on the uniforms of the Toronto Police, as well as an imagined fair-haired officer.

Ryan Park uses shared objects, encounters, and cultural touchstones as starting points to produce work that oscillate between serious and playful, clinical and poetic. His interdisciplinary practice results in videos, photographs, and manipulations of found materials suggested by presences and absences; urges and constraints. He currently lives and works on Queen Street in Toronto.


Curated by Stefan Hancherow and Jennifer Simaitis.

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